Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Feeling The Pull

Well, I just graduated. That was big. I began to listen to this song called Feeling the Pull by The Swell Season and realized I am too feeling the pull. I feel the pull to something greater. I know that nothing spiritually, emotionally, socially, or anything of that sort changed when I turned the tassel with my classmates, but at the same time it did. I want to start life. It's a sad feeling, realizing that you have to grow up. And there is always a part of me that will never be a grown up. That's the way I like it. But I feel the pull. The pull towards love, towards truth, towards life. And at the same time, I feel small against the big sky. Love, truth, life drags us towards our goals. Embrace the pulling. I am.

Love you.

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Christie Wright said...

I'm proud of you, friend. :)