Friday, May 9, 2008

A Place of Comfort

Well its been a long time since this blog has seen the light of day and for that me and Pim apologize. It has been a very interesting semester in school and it's almost over. Today i hopefully move into my new place of residence for the summer and God willing everything will go smoothly. Its been so long since i've posted that i really haven't the slightest clue of what to embark on whatever audience finds themselves reading this. One thing has continually popped into my mind though. This semester i found a place, a place that brings out the best in me. This place brings people together and in the context of loud music, continuous pool, and friendly conversation i find peace. I won't reveal its location or its title for safety sake, after all it is my place of solitude and if word gets out that has the potential of being stripped from me. I guess in writing this I'm trying to convey the importance of finding a place that brings out the best in you. Find a place that you feel comfortable with and use it often to bring joy to your life and the lives of others. Trust me, if you find a place like this it can become something you will remember for the rest of your life.

Love each other