Friday, January 16, 2009

Wii are so good.

Well, I have my own place now. Kinda. I am rooming with a good friend, in an apartment that is totally rad. I officially only have class on one day in the week and on that one day it only occupies two and a half hours of my schedule. Are you kidding me? I get to live this life. There is much joy floating about because the more I live and experience life, the more life-long relationships I see forming. I have a "home" group, a "college" group, and a "Nashville group". Along with this amazing trifecta of relational possibilities, I also have a Wii. Kinda. If you are around Tuesday nights, come out and bowl! We will create a Mii for you and everything. And Guitar Hero World Tour could not be any better with D, K, and J, and the not-yet-released, The Liptak- Three Apartment Band. I just returned from a short retreat with some amazing old friends in the middle of a wood. It is these little reminders in life that never get worn out. It is like that pair of boxers or maybe socks you have that you keep around, even though they clearly need to be thrown in a dumpster. All these situations could be passed off as "just life". But it is not "just life". It is clearly a blessing. Let us not take this life for granted, nor any little moment that comes into our vision. I am beginning to realize that this is my last time to be a "kid". Real World, Real Life Challenge is coming up incredibly quick. And if you are not in this situation right now, you will be. I am nostalgic. I yearn for those memories of jr. high, high school, when anything went. What I really need to realize is "the past is told by those who win, what matters is what hasn't been." At the end of this day, the past nor the future really take precedence to me right now. It is the now that I desire to live in. I want to make memories now that one day I can look back on and be nostalgic. I heard this quote. "Sometimes a moment stuns us as it happens, and we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that this moment, every part of it, will live on forever." What more could you want but a day, a week, a month, a year made up of those very moments that live on forever. I will tell you something about my life. Me and my friends, Wii are so good. I am going to make those moments, make those memories. I urge you to do the same.

This is Pim. Love Eachother. Be Cool. Let's Make A Memory!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So this is the New Year

It's 2009 and some new canvasses are being created on the Pim and Bear home front. It's a year of new beginnings and interesting journeys. It's a year that will see the end of formal education and the beginning of real life learning. It's a year that has already welcomed new relationships and plans on growing already strong friendships. It's a year that started off with resolutions that if held up will eventually make us stronger. I've made some resolutions and i hope to keep them. I want this year to be a year of openness. I want to strive to be a lover of all people. To assist me with this goal i have decided that i need to be in scripture more often than i am now. Not only do i want to be a lover of all people but i also want to become more loving in the relationships that i currently cherish. I want to be a better brother, son, friend, person, and most of all follower of Christ. I challenge anyone who reads this to reach for the same goal in their walk. As for Bear the next step is just the first of many interesting journeys that will without a doubt take place in 2009. Pim and I are road tripping to see a beloved friend. Let the journey of 2009 begin.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Something Amazing

As 2009 draws us into a new point of view, I have a new point of view. It has been quite a long time since Bear and me have gave us your thoughts, so here is one. I used to be in the thought that it was better to always give your opinion and if you didn't agree with someone, you let them know. My recent experience has told me different. I have found a sub-culture, and not so much a sub-culture, other than the fact that they are a new group of friends. A new group of friends that is moving from a sub-culture in my life, to a very important, impactful part, that has challenged me. You see, here it doesn't matter what kind of juice you like, what kind of music you listen to, what sports team you cheer for. Everyone is different, and everyone embraces those differences. It reminded me that we all have different things that we like and are involved in. Whether you are the jock, the marching band geek (or stud), the prom princess, or the mathlete, everyone has something special that we should embrace. Why do we find it so necessary to challenge everyone with what they like? "I love Jimmy Eat World." "Jimmy Eat World sucks dude, why would you ever like them?" I just do not understand that thought now? Why not embrace each other's likings and learn something from each. It goes much deeper than music, but ill let you think of that on your own. There is one absolute truth, which is Christ. Is the rest not just commentary? As I say everytime, be will not be disappointed. Let's embrace eachother's loves.

This is Pim. Love Eachother. Be Cool...Be Fine in 09! Love Ya'll