Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anger and Grace

He(God) hated evil/sin so much that He placed it all on the shoulders of His son so that grace and mercy may be abundant in leading to life thereafter with Him. Author Timothy J. Stoner writes how grace and mercy would not exist without anger. How true it is that God is an angry God but His anger is not fashioned in human hatred. His anger is just, shining through because of His overarching love for mankind. His anger stems from complete separateness. It targets the sex offenders, murderers, kidnappers, rapist, idol worshipers, child abusers, corporate abusers, false teachers, and the list goes on. To be more specific.....He hates sin. It's difficult because of pride, but i must throw myself in with the people that have these such titles. Now enter grace that is so far from deserving. Somehow repeated failures lead to repeated mercies. Once again God defies logic. Now enter the cross. The cross is where Gods love and hate come together to form an ultimate triumphal love. Gods anger is not gone, it is broke by the broken body of Christ. I'm blessed to have a God with such loving anger because i know He is going to fight for me. In conclusion i will fight for Him.