Monday, May 3, 2010

A Constant Reminder

It's good to be back along with Pim once again. I miss that beast of a man more and more everyday. Well lets get started. I wrote this awhile back and would like to share enjoy.

I doubt, I worry, I procrastinate, I am lazy, I lose focus, I lack faith, I am jealousy, I carry other idols, I am needy, I am materialism, I am not genuine, I smile to portray something I'm not, I stay quite when I should speak up, I hold emotions in, I let my attitude dictate others, I am horny, I am lust, I am imprisoned by flesh, I am rude, i am selfishness, I forget the power of His Spirit, I forget to pray, I am routine, I shy away from confrontation, I complain, I do not listen, I do not speak what is on my mind, Satan often offers me advice......

In Response..

I am blessed with two loving parents, a loving brother and sister-in-law, friends that cannot and will not be replaced, a girlfriend that shares her love with me, a house to live in, a car to drive, knowledge at my fingertips, a university that provides a great education, clothes that keep me warm, food that provides me with nutrition, money to give, a bed to sleep in... all of this just because of a cross. All i can do is share that with others.


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'becca said...

proud of you cole.